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terms of use and service

Members will receive paid2visit emails that have P2V in the subject lines. Please make sure our emails don't go to spam.. It is the only way for you to earn from the credit links in our emails.  Credits are issued for visits to the paid email for only the first 48 hours after they are sent to members. After that time, No credit is given..
Please whitelist our domain or create a filter using Gmail..

Sending unsolicited email is prohibited by members of paid to read programs at paid2visit.com.

Members must click on the paid link in emails to receive credit for the viewing of an advertisers ad.

Members are paid through Payza only.

Please check back regularly for updates to these terms as they may and will change without notice to members. It is members responsibility to check for updates..

Any detected fraud on clicks will cause you to lose your membership.
1 account per ip address! Referral signups are checked for validity.
Members clicks are determined on a per ad basis. This means that all members are paid more or less depending on the time and type of ad that the advertiser purchased.
More time a member spends on the advertisers site means more per click to the member viewing advertisers site.
Each member is shown in the header frame a timer that is required to stay on site till you see click is credited. It will also show you how much your click was credited to your account!

We set time limits depending on advertiser funding. Anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. You may even see as little as 5 second views on some ads that are lower funded!